Who We Are:

Who We are:

Pro Scapes Inc. is a privately owned local company providing total grounds care services to commercial, industrial and condominium customers as well as residential irrigation and lawn fertilization programs throughout all of Central New York.    We pride ourselves in providing total customer satisfaction by paying attention to the details and following your specific requests.  Our well trained staff proudly wear uniforms for easy identification.  We offer the rare combination of a full-time office staff, full time customer service staff, and full time mechanics on our team.  We are dependable, knowledgeable and above all committed to providing top quality service in a timely, cost effective manner.  

Angelo Rinaldi

Account Manager

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 128

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Responsibilities: Customer service, Account Management, Crew Management, Winter West area dispatcher

Rick Kier, CLP, CSP, CNP


Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 103

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Responsibilities: Commercial Sales, Condominium Sales,  Corporate Leadership, CEO, CFO, IT, Webmaster & Customer satisfaction

Karen Kier, Vice President,   Safety Manager, Notary

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 110

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Responsibilities: Corporate  Leadership, Training, Communications, Safety, Marketing, Community Involvement, Special Projects.

Jamie Carncross

Equipment Manager

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 108

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Responsibilities: Equipment & bulk material purchasing, Equipment repair, facility maintenance, asset management

Jeremy Oliver, CSP


Phone: 469-0000 Ext.105

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Financial matters,

Accounts Receivable, Office management, Insurance

Tim Sipfle

Account Manager

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 113

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Responsibilities: Lawn Care sales, Manage lawn care and tree/shrub care departments. Account Management, Customer service, East Area Snow Manager

Colette Gleason

Contract Administrator

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 100

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Responsibilities: Existing Customer Service, Contract Administration

Alice Irwin


Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 101

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Responsibilities: Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Service order fulfillment and entry, General accounting

Jeff Vogt

Lawn Operations Manager

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 125

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Responsibilities: Customer service, Dispatching,  Crew management, Google Docs wiz kid, Winter East area dispatcher

Jeff Hall

Computer Programer

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 127

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Responsibilities: Computer programing, Database management, Run IT department, Mac and iOS expert.

John Tardibone

Project Manager

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 129

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Responsibilities: Customer service, Project Management, Crew Management, West area Snow Manager

Jeff Scott

Account Manager

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 124

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Responsibilities: Customer service, Account Management, Crew Management, Winter East area Quad Manager

Cory Howitt

Account Manager

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 121

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Responsibilities: Customer service, Account Management, Crew Management, Winter West area Quad Manager

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Kasey Crosby

Human Resources

Phone: 469-0000 Ext. 120

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Responsibilities: Human Resources, Payroll.

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