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Our Mission & Priorities

"Our mission is to completely satisfy our customers' needs for safe and beautiful landscapes and grounds."

Our Three Priorities:

#1 Safety of:

  • People: Customers, employees & the general public
  • Property: Our customers and everyone else's
  • The Environment: Our entire planet
  • Our equipment, tools & vehicles

#2 Quality:

  • Giving customers what we agreed to and fulfilling our promises
  • Making sure our customers are completely satisfied
  • Leaving everything we touch cleaner than when we found it
  • Treating people the way we would like to be treated
  • Returning phone calls, emails and other contacts the same day
  • Acting professional at all times
  • Dressing in uniforms
  • Creating & maintaining a good image in the community

#3 Efficiency:

  • Doing our work in such a way as to keep costs reasonable but never at the expense of safety or quality.
  • Working on every job with a predetermined goal target to shoot for.
  • Making efficient use of resources such as time, fuel, water, plants, or other natural resources.
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