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Lawn Sprinklers & Landscape Irrigation

We offer installation and maintenance of all major brands of irrigation systems.    We have full time dedicated irrigation technicians who work from fully stocked irrigation service trucks.  Our technician shows up with all the specialized tools that make the irrigation work go quickly and smoothly saving you time and money.  

Our Irrigation Services include:

  • Installation of Commercial and Residential lawn sprinklers and landscape irrigation
  • Maintenance of Commercial and Residential irrigation systems (regardless of who installed them)
  • Repairs of all systems
  • Upgrades of existing irrigation systems
  • Water conservation programs for all irrigation systems

Water Conservation Experts

Lawn & landscape irrigation is a highly specialized skill that combines the use of plumbing, electronics and hydraulic engineering to deliver the correct amount of water to your lawn and landscape plants.  The “correct” amount of water to keep plants and turf healthy changes every day.  Rainfall, temperature, wind, day length, soil type, soil water capacity and several other factors all change on a daily basis to affect how much water your lawn & landscape needs.  Evapotranspiration (ET) is the measurement of these factors.    We offer irrigation systems that can measure ET and adjust the amount of water given each day.   We offer rain sensors that turn off your system after natural rainfall has occurred.  They will even keep your system turned off until the soil dries out and requires more water.  If your lawn or plants get too much water, it not only wastes water but is harmful to the plants.  Too little water and your plants and lawn suffer as well.  Our job is to make sure your plants and turf get just the right amount of water for a landscape that enhances the beauty and health of your outdoor world.  

"We're Big Enough to do a Good Job and Small Enough to Care!"

We can irrigate:

  • Lawns
  • Landscape Beds
  • Flower Beds
  • Container gardens
  • Raised planters
  • Trees & Shrubs
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The Art & Science of giving plants and turf just the right amount of water....