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Save Your Ash Trees from EAB!

Links to More Information on Emerald Ash Borer:

Benefits of Our Treatment Method:

  • Treatment goes directly into the tree and is not exposed to the outside environment
  • No Spraying of Pesticides
  • No Soil Drenching
  • Can be used near ponds, lakes and rivers
  • Treat trees every two years rather than every year.

"We're Big Enough to do a Good Job and Small Enough to Care!"

EAB started in the midwest and has been spreading East into our area.  In 2013 EAB has been found in Onondaga County.  Based on the damage that was seen in the midwest, the problem will spread rapidly and all untreated Ash trees will be destroyed by this invasive pest problem.  Since EAB is not native to our area, there are no natural predators to help control this insect.  As a result, it is spreading uncontrolled and killing millions of trees in the landscape and forest lands.  

What We Know...

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Syracuse Area EAB Risk Map