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Snow and Ice Removal Services

Our Winter Risk Management Services Include:

  • Parking Lot Snow Plowing
  • Condominium Complex Snow Plowing
  • Sidewalk Snow Clearing
  • Parking Lot & Sidewalk Salting Services
  • Payloading and Snow Hauling Services
  • 24 Hour Winter Emergency Contact Phone
  • "Snow Scoop" Email Notifications

"We're Big Enough to do a Good Job and Small Enough to Care!"

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We Inventory Lots of Salt to Take Good Care of Our Customers all Winter

Salt Stockpile

Salt Barn & Liquid Pro Melt Tank

Sidewalk Deicer in Stock

Snow Pushers of All Sizes

We take the job of managing the risks of snow & ice seriously....

To us, it’s not just about pushing snow.  We realize the responsibly our customers have to manage the risks of snow and ice on their sites.  We are here to work with you to help you reduce that risk.   We have backup equipment and drivers to help cover some of the unexpected events like breakdowns or big storms.  We even have a “Blizzard Plan” in place just in case the next “Big One” hits this winter.  We run our operation based on the philosophy “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”  Our full time mechanics work in our shop to help keep our equipment in prime condition for winter service.  We have specialized equipment to handle the job and our own heavy equipment to dig things out when the need arises.  We observe the Syracuse weather ourselves on a regular schedule so we know when to start work regardless of what the forecasters are saying.  We utilize our own standard operating procedures which are well documented on a series of checklists used by our staff.

Heavy Equipment

Tractor, Inverse Snowblower

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Sidewalk Safety


We provide snow removal and salting for commercial and industrial parking lots of all sizes.  We also provide driveway plowing for our condominium complex customers (Sorry, no single family residential driveways).  As an option to our plowing service customers, we have sidewalk snow shoveling and several different levels of de-icing service available to assist you in managing the risks of snow & ice.   We keep sufficient levels of bulk salt in our own covered salt bin and are well stocked with sidewalk deicer too.   We typically stock over 2,000 tons of rock salt and 1,500 bags of sidewalk deicer to help avoid problems when shortages arise in the salt market.