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Snow Removal Subcontracting

You must have a signed contract with Pro Scapes Inc. before beginning any work.   We take pride in paying our subcontractors in a very timely manner.  We appreciate their good work and timely response. The best way we know to reward that, is to pay promptly every month.

  • Most of the jobs are seasonal contracts and you get paid every month December through April even if it does not snow!
  • We provide the jobs, You don’t have to advertise, market, estimate, bid or wonder if you will have work. We take care of all that.
  • We pay promptly every month. You get us your invoice* by the 3rd of the month and we will make sure you have your payment by the 15th of the month!
  • We have work in your part of town. Sign up early and we will do our best to set you up with jobs that are close to your home base.
  • We stake the job out so you don’t have to wonder about curb lines, lawn edges, etc.
  • We can put your pickup truck with plow to work. All you need is a reliable truck with 7.5 foot or larger snow plow and a smart phone.
  • We also have some work available for backhoes, skid steers and payloaders on a limited basis.
  • Be part of a winning team. Pro Scapes is one of Onondaga County’s best snow removal companies and the winner of SIMA’s Excellence in Business Award for 2008 and 2010. Work with us and grow as a member of our team.

"We're Big Enough to do a Good Job and Small Enough to Care!"

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Here are some of the advantages of working with Pro Scapes Inc. as a Subcontractor: